ACCPAC Systems

ACCPAC business systems comprise a range of software modules that are designed to perform specific business functions. The main modules in the ACCPAC range are:


ACCPAC - Features of the System

Open System Architecture

A strong feature of ACCPAC is its ability to interchange data with non ACCPAC systems. In all modules of ACCPAC, there are specific options available on menus to import or export selected data. Data can be imported or exported in any of the following file formats:

  • Excel
  • ODBC
  • Comma Separated Values (Delimited)
  • Access
  • dBase

Use Of Macros To Automate Repetitive Tasks

Macros are a standard feature of ACCPAC. ACCPAC utilises Microsoft's VBA scripting language enabling custom entry forms to be created, the automation of repetitive procedures such as dayend, or the creation of workflows to suit certain business rules. VBA also enables ACCPAC data and functions to be called from any VBA enabled application such as Microsoft office, further extending the interchange of data between ACCPAC and external systems.

Security Of Your Accounting System and Financial Information

A standard feature of the ACCPAC environment is that a high level of security can be implemented to protect the privacy of your accounting information. This is of significant importance in any office, as there is often critical and private information which should be kept confidential, and unavailable to unauthorised persons.


ACCPAC can provide your business with a stable and secure accounting system with the flexibility to provide high quality management information - so that you can manage your business efficiently and easily.

Although ACCPAC is modular software, there is very tight integration between the modules. In broad terms, the various ACCPAC products will give you the following functionality: [Top of Page]

Accounts Payable

Provides complete accounts payable control including the optimisation of discounts receivable for prompt payment, cash flow forecasting for invoices payable, accrual accounting, recurring payments (ideal for lease rentals, rent and etc), automatic cheque generation based on invoice due dates.

ACCPAC Accounts Payable is also designed to allow data entry of creditors invoices without your office staff needing to know which general ledger account numbers to use. [Top of Page]

Accounts Receivable

Provides complete accounts receivable control including the imposition of credit charges for overdue accounts, cash flow forecasting for receivables, customer statistics, recurring income (ideal for retainers or property sub-leases), letter and label generation. Customisable customer statement selection criteria allows you to print statements any/all/none of your customers.

Customer notes, recall dates, sales, marketing and credit collection management can be done within Contact Master Software that is totally integrated to ACCPAC Accounts Receivable. [Top of Page]


This module handles multiple bank accounts and provides bank reconciliation capabilities, estimation of bank charges and interest on bank overdrafts or cash at bank. This module is very easy to use.

With RecXpress, bank transactions can easily be imported into the system, automating bank reconciliations. [Top of Page]


ACCPAC eCRM is a comprehensive suite of wireless and internet based applications that provide enterprise wide access to vital customer, partner and prospect information — anytime, anywhere. Designed from the ground up to support the new realities of customer relationship management, eCRM seamlessly integrates with ACCPAC accounting solutions and provides key personnel with easy access to a common, client-focused knowledge base to better manage your business.

ACCPAC eCRM’s flexible web-based and wireless solution supports multiple interaction points and provides a comprehensive and personalized view of your customers, partners and prospects - no matter how or when you or they choose to do business. [Top of Page]

Fixed Assets

A very flexible module that gives you complete control over corporate assets. All calculations are formula driven. Features extensive budgeting and reporting capabilities. [Top of Page]

General Ledger

Provides full departmental accounting, budgeting, recurring journals, reallocation of overheads, provisional postings and, flexible financial statement processing which will reduce external accounting costs. Financial Statements can be generated directly from Excel without the need for exporting data. [Top of Page]

Inventory Control

Provides stock control over multi locations with numerous reports to facilitate inventory management. Flexibility in costing methods. Ability to view committed stock on sales order and stock on purchase order. Exceptional ability over selection criteria and sort sequencing for various reports. [Top of Page]

Order Entry

Provides order entry/invoicing functionality with capabilities to handle future and standing orders, credit checking against accounts receivable and flexible order/invoice formatting. Commission structures are flexible and there is considerable reporting with respect to order entry and shipment processing. [Top of Page]

Purchase Orders

This module integrates to your accounts payable and inventory control system and will autogenerate purchase orders. [Top of Page]

Crystal Reports

ACCPAC utilises the industry Standard report writer, Crystal Reports, to generate all standard ACCPAC reports. This allows for the customisation of any existing report or the creation new custom reports via the Crystal Reports Designer. Included with ACCPAC for Windows Corporate Series is a one user license for Crystal Info. Crystal Info provides Scheduling Data Mining, OLAP and other data analysis tools.[Top of Page]

Sales Analysis

Provides reporting for sales by product, category code, sales person and customer. Sales can be summarised weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annually. [Top of Page]

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

ACCPAC Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a feature-rich solution for automating the materials handling process of retailers, manufacturers, distributors and third party logistics providers. By integrating advanced radio frequency and barcoding technologies with core warehousing functionality, ACCPAC WMS provides comprehensive fulfillment centre and warehouse management, including order management, receiving, stocking, replenishment, picking and related warehouse tasks.[Top of Page]

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