Apparel Pac (GIMS) from Softkey Microsystems

Apparel Pac/Grid Inventory Management System (GIMS) customises ACCPAC for the following industries:

  • Apparel & Clothing
  • Sporting goods
  • Footwear
  • Handbag manufacturers
  • Jewelry Industry
  • Soft goods
  • Manufacturers
  • Silk Screen/Printers Option

Apparel Pac is a module specifically designed for the clothing and footwear industries is developed by Softkey Microsystems in Canada. Apparel Pac seamlessly fits into the ACCPAC range of software to provide you with sales and inventory management by Style, fabric, colour and size. The base module allows up to 15 sizes per size grid. The system allows thousands of grids. Twenty sizes per grid can be achieved with the Extended Size Grid Option. Enormous range of order and sales reports. Flexible commission calculations, and allocation of stock and orders.

Apparel Pac provides the data entry facilities and extensive grided reporting by size and colour grid, for industries that have with products in multiple fabrics, colours and sizes. The software is particularly useful in sporting goods industries also.

Apparel Pac will provide you with the information to :

  • manage your outstanding orders by style, fabric, colour and size
  • manage your orders by salesman, category, or customer
  • manage your stock by category, style, fabric, colour and size
  • print picking slips, confirmation orders, invoices and numerous other reports in easy to read grids
  • manage your sales and profitability by salesman, category, or style

Apparel Pac can be customised for your specific requirements.

Apparel Pac - Fabric Planning Option

The Fabric Planning module in Apparel Pac will assist you in your production planning and purchasing. The Fabric Planning Module will provide you with costings for finished goods and will assist your production planning. There are hundreds of sites around the world using Apparel Pac. When setup with your product styles, it will enable you to determine the quantity of material, trim and buttons etc required for manufacturing the finished products. This module retains the cost and fabric requirements of main and secondary fabrics, various trim components as well as the costs of subcontract labour for manufacturing your garments. [Top of Page ]

Apparel Pac - Colour Grid Option

The Colour grid option is appropriate if you stock or sell a range of items that are categorised by colour grid (instead of size grid). This option is suitable for handbag and soft goods industries. [Top of Page ]

Apparel Pac - 2 Dimensional Grid Option

The 2 Dimensional grid option is appropriate if you stock or sell a range of items that are categorised by multiple grids. [Top of Page ]

Apparel Pac - Silk Screen/Printers Option

The Silk Screen Option is appropriate if you manufacture or sell made-to-order or pre-made apparel that is screen printed. The system lets you allocate print designs and print instructions at order processing time. .[Top of Page ]

Apparel Pac - Extended Size Grid Option

The Extended size grid option is appropriate for footwear industries. This option extends regular Apparel Pac’s size grid to 20 sizes per grid (from 15 sizes per grid). The system allows for thousands of grids. [Top of Page ]


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